Which Quick Bathroom Upgrades Increase Your Home's Value?

by The Rogers/Melo Team 08/29/2021

When you want to fix up your bathroom without having to spend a lot of time and money, simple changes are the way to go. Remodeling projects that are smaller in scope can boost your home value and enhance your bathroom’s appearance while being budget-friendly and less time-consuming. Whether you want to make several minor changes to your bathroom or just a few, the following projects are easy ones to consider doing.

Refinish the Tub

When your bathtub has seen better days, you don’t have to replace it with a new one, which is both a costly and complex project. Instead, you can refinish your tub to remove stains, discolorations and other flaws. Refinishing your tub gives it a fresh appearance without the worry of needing to have plumbing work done, as you would when having a new tub installed. You can refinish your tub on your own using a DIY kit or have your tub refinished professionally. Either way, you’ll have a tub that looks as good as new again.

Replace the Faucet

Giving your bathroom an updated look doesn’t have to involve replacing the entire sink. An easier and faster way to remodel is replacing the faucet only. Putting in a new faucet can spruce up your sink and bathroom overall, especially if you’re replacing an older one. Keep in mind that you’ll need to choose a new faucet that fits your current setup, For example, you’ll need to choose another single-hole faucet if that’s what you currently have. Changing to another faucet setup would mean having to replace the sink so it fits. When choosing a finish for your faucet, consider brushed finishes for easier maintenance or polished finishes for a more elegant look.

Switch to a Low-Flow Shower Head

A slight change that can have a big impact on your utility bills is changing to a low-flow showerhead. These showerheads reduce the amount of water you use when taking a shower, which can add up to significant savings. Having a low-flow showerhead can also help increase your home’s value. When choosing a low-flow shower head, you can look for unique features, such as massage settings, rain settings and mist sprays.

Refinish Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets that show signs of wear and tear or have an older style can make your bathroom look less attractive overall. Completely replacing these cabinets is an extensive project that can end up being expensive. Instead of replacing them, you can give them a new finish to make them look new again. When choosing a finish, look for one that complements your bathroom counters or contrasts with them for a dramatic effect. You can also choose to paint your bathroom cabinets rather than refinish them to spruce up their appearance.

Install Wainscoting

If your bathroom walls are looking somewhat plain, you can dress them up with wainscoting. Adding wainscoting to the lower part of bathroom walls can enhance the room’s appearance while protecting your walls from water damage. You can install wainscoting that goes all the way around your bathroom walls, including the walls around your tub if you have a freestanding one. Wainscoting can blend in with the rest of your bathroom or have a different tone that adds some color for visual interest.